Supporting Services

We offer a comprehensive package of services including external and internal enhancement:

External Enhancement

Our team of service providers include: hair stylists, make- up artists, dietician, image consultant, gym trainer, professional photographer….etc. etc. All referrals are merit based, for some Plans, many services are already inclusive. The client can decide what and how much she wants to do, few would actually require “complete makeovers”.

Dramatic makeovers only happen in television shows. An ugly duckling disappears behind the screen, an army of specialists pounces on her, she re-emerges a swan! In real life, if such a "team" was to pounce on us, we would probably feel violated. Most of us are fairly set in our own ways, do we really feel comfortable with that new look? Could we keep it up ? Or would we slip right back to the way we were in a matter of weeks if not days ?

Sometimes, focusing on just a few minor but right enhancements would probably bring better and lasting results. Indeed, less is more.

Image Consultant

A qualified image consultant will show you how to balance style, colours, shape and proportions ; how to accessorize, to walk, talk and improve deportment.... If she is qualified, if the selected style suits you, and if the chemistry between you and the Consultant is strong... This could work miracles.

However, styling is a matter of taste, and taste is subjective. Some clients don't listen, some listen and don't understand, some understand but disagree, some agree but don’t remember, some remember but don't bother… So unless you abide by all her guidelines, an image consultant may not be right for you.

How else to look better without much ado? We also offer a PSC (Personal Shopping Consultant). She could accompany you to go shopping for a couple of dating outfits, and you are done ! For other tips, please refer to our book How To Find A Husband chapter 9, Making Yourself Beautiful, page 45 to 54.

Internal Enhancement
Books selling at $120.- to $240.- each are given free of charge to our clients . We also hold several seminars a year, inviting different guest speakers each time, covering a large variety of interesting topics. These seminars are opened to the public, Hong Kong Matchmakers’ clients may attend free of charge.

Private Counselling

Apart from the above seminars, private counseling sessions with a professional counselor will also be available upon request.